Pathway to Peace


Join me on this four part journey and start to discover how to manifest peace into more areas of your life.

Peace does not come from outside but within, with this four part program we will work with your unconscious mind to identify, learn and integrate peace within.

When we generate peace within this has a knock on affect to those around us and our communities.

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Pathway to Peace

Start to awaken pathways to peace in your life with this four part program.


1. Learn to access the vast resources of your mind through hypnosis, and start to notice those moments that create peace for you.

2.Release and remove blocks that stop you from discovering peace in your life.


3. Dreaming a more peaceful you. Feel the difference now.


4. Techniques for peace. Meditation, Self Hypnosis and the simple art of chanting. 

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Your Pathway to peace

Pathways to Peace is held over four sessions. These are held online via Zoom so you can start you Pathway to Peace where ever you are in the world.

Your investment is just £240 / $295

Which is less than four Hypnotherapy Sessions.

Purchase your program today and I will be in touch to arrange your sessions with you.

It is easy to book your appointment online.

You are just a few steps from booking your appointment. Follow these steps to book your appointment once completed I will send you the appropriate links for your online session.

1. Click the button below. Scroll through the choices below and select the session. program. block booking that you require.

2. Look for the availability that suits you (if there is nothing there contact me in some cases I will make extra appointments.)

Once you have the time you require select it by clicking.

3. Fill in your details and pay for your appointment.

Once completed I will send you your invitation to your online appointment.

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