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Online Hypno - Reiki

Treat yourself to a live online hypnosis and distance Reiki session and feel good.

Reiki works for your highest good and so to does this hypnosis session. You at the deepest level know those changes you need to make. You will be led into hypnosis, and a process set in motion that encourages your unconscious mind to make the changes it needs to make to help you face the challenges of the week ahead, to allow healing to take place at a profound level for you.

Whilst in trance you will also be sent Reiki to help with personal healing, transformation and well-being.

Allow yourself the gift of healing and transformation.  Book your weekly Hypno-Reiki sessions today.

Booking Your Session


Hypno - Reiki sessions are held online via Zoom.

Make your payment by clicking the pay button below and then I shall contact you to arrange the time of your online session.

1/2 hour session


1 hour session


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