Online Programs

Discover a new you with any or all of these life changing programs. Combining hypnosis, NLP and other mind technologies you can make real change to your life.

Benefits of these programs:

Save money

all programs work out cheaper than booking the equivalent in one off sessions.

Personalised to you

These are not pre-recorded. I work with you one to one to help you gain the best results.

Anywhere in the world

No matter  where you are you can access and book your program today.


If you can find the same program else where for less I will match the price for you.

Whatever your personal or spiritual development need book your Hypnosis Program today.

Personal Development 

Steps 2 Love


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to discover more

Quit smoking


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Spiritual Development 

Pathway to Peace

Living Spirituality


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How it works

1. Take a look at the programs currently on offer.

2. Choose and pay for your program.

3. I will then contact you to arrange the dates for your program

4. I will send you the links for your appointments.

5. Five minutes before your appointments, click the link, follow the simple instructions and we are away.

You will need to be sat comfortably for your session with a camera and preferably headphones. You are responsible for making sure you will not be disturbed for the length of the session. The camera will need to be supported as you will need your hands free.

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