Rob has been fortunate, he has spent the last 20 years of his life, living the life he wanted to live, doing the things he wanted to do.

From being a professional musician, a magician and even a pub landlord. His belief is that if there is something you want to do you should go for it.

About Rob

It started when Rob was quite young, as a young Rob (age 11ish) he already had an  interest in things to do with the mind, reality and belief. Witnessing a stage hypnotist whilst on holiday in Cornwall. An experience that has stayed with him all his life, Rob returned from holiday and started to get books on hypnosis, psychology and consciousness from the library. A study that has lead him to be a student of personal growth and change work, to now being a professional agent of change, helping to transform peoples lives all over the world.

Rob studied person centred counseling during his mid twenties after doing an introduction course with the job he was in. The ideas of Carl Rogers inspired him, at this point in time he started running personal development retreats. Combining theatre, art, drama, meditation and group discussion to help people gain a deeper understanding into who they were and to overcome obstacles in their lives. Rob believes we all have the resources we need within, it is just sometimes we need a little help in accessing them,

For ten years Rob was very active with retreats and workshops. Working with groups of up to 300 people in the UK and in Europe. After a decade of retreat and workshop work Rob took a step back, focusing upon his other love, performance. As a full time professional magician, musician and hypnotist Rob also found time to try his hand at running a pub.

In the story of Merlin, he goes mad after a great battle, he goes off into the woods and for a whilst lives in the wilderness, healing, learning and transforming.

As happens for most of us at some point in our lives Rob hit a point where he was kind of lost in the wilderness. No regrets, but a lifestyle that would have not been great had he not stopped when he did.

Rob decided he needed to focus in again, he needed to take back his life. After 6 months spent living upon the cliffs of the Ceredigion coast, walking the coastal path and reading rather a lot of Paulo Coehlo, he decided to head back to his home county of Shropshire.

Rob had trained as a person centered counselor, was a hypnotist, and had taken people on journeys of discovery and self development. This was the life he wanted to be living. It is amazing when we focus, start to listen to our hearts, how we can start to shape life the way we want, It does not just happen, Rob does not believe that you can sit down, tell the universe you want something and it just happens, however, decide you want to make the change, focus on it, work toward it and you will start to notice the wonderful opportunities that exist within the world, to grow and be happy. After all, a tree is the very best tree it can be, fish are the best they can be, a rock does an amazing job of being a rock, why should you not be the very best at being you? Rob believes that you are, he believes in you.

Rob started this new chapter mentoring with one of the UK's top hypnotists, Jonathan Chase and the Academy of Hypnotic Arts.  He has also studied many aspects of hypnosis, trance and consciousness, discovering ways that really transform lives. Including the work of:

Richard Bandler

Igor Ledochowski 

Jerry Kein

Bob Burns

Anthony & Freddy Jacquin

Also studying ancient yogic sciences of mind,and the latest thoughts on reality Rob wants to be able to help you, transform yourself, it is the only change you can make. He wants you to be able to discover success, joy and fulfillment in your life through your own journey of personal transformation.

One of the way's Rob is doing this is through IMeditate, his mission to teach 1,000,000 people to meditate. IMeditate was started in response to the 2020 Covid-19 lock down and it has been growing since.

Today Rob works with people all over the world, helping them transform aspects of their lives through hypnosis, meditation and mind coaching. Releasing people from the conditioned limitations they have had put upon themselves, from their fears and helping them start to love who they are, to grow in confidence, transforming their inner worlds and empowering them to live authentically in a world of many challenges.

To quote Rob,

  "My work now is my passion, I love being able to help people, I feel truly blessed."

If you feel Rob can help you, then book your free Discovery Session and let your journey begin.

© 2020 by Rob Chapman.