the none medication key to stress relief

meditation helps you:

develop greater self awareness

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Increases mental clarity and focus

develop emotional intelligence

boosts immunity

Triggers relaxation response in the brain.

improves your daily quality of life

I have been meditating since I was about 12, makes it 32 years all in all. I will not pretend that it has been continuous practice, but it is a continuous part of my life.

In my twenties I trained as a meditation teacher, since then alongside my study of hypnosis and change work I have developed an approach to this most beneficial of practices that helps you overcome the blocks that a lot of people experience.

I now offer this approach to meditation to people world wide. Helping you get the most out of the practice of meditation.

I offer:

Single Sessions

Block of 3 Sessions

An Introduction Course spread over 6 weeks

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1 Session

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Introduction course

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