Living Spirituality

In an ever changing world people more than ever are seeking a balance to the materialistic tread mill.

With this four part program you will attune to the spiritual self, discovering a new you with creative ways to express and live your spirituality.

Whether you believe in God, Higher Self or just that you are part of a wonderful mysterious universe this program will help you explore your connection. Awakening to the new spiritual you.

Empowering you and aiding you in developing and ,maintaining your own spiritual practice to guide you through life.

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In this four part program you will work one to one with Rob to:

1 - Discover what spirituality means to you. Start to attune to your ideal spiritual life, uncover your motivations behind your desire to live a more spiritual life. Using altered states start to manifest the spiritual life that you desire, stepping in to and attuning to your spiritual self.

2 -  Explore your connection to your Higher Self/ God/ the Universe. Whatever you choose to call that part of you. Unlocking your own ways to connect to the highest principal in everyday life. Using higher state hypnosis to connect you to your higher self and seek guidance for your spiritual journey.

3 -  Practice, in this session we will explore simple yet powerful techniques to aid you in your meditation, prayer and gratitude. Helping you to establish a realistic daily rhythm of spiritual practice in your life.  Establishing your inner temple.

4 -  Integrate, during this session we will bring all the other sessions together, reviewing where you are now at, removing any resistances and blocks that may have arisen. Explore the idea of service and awakening your awareness of how you can serve.  Anchor you to your experiences of joy, peace, relaxation and the sacred so as every time you enter your inner temple you will be in the right place to practice your new found spirituality.

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start a new life with living spirituality

Book your Living Spirituality mentoring program and discover  a new level of spirituality in your life.

Living Spirituality is held over 4 sessions online via Zoom.

Your inverstment is just £240 / $295

Once you have booked I will contact you to arrange your first session. Just imagine how much more joy and peace can you discover by doing this for yourself today.

Yes please, I want to awaken Living SPirituality in my life.

It is easy to book your appointment online.

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2. Look for the availability that suits you (if there is nothing there contact me in some cases I will make extra appointments.)

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