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90 Minutes

Single Session

Price: £80

Ideal for fears, phobias, general relaxation, de-stress, habits

3 x 90 minute

3 Sessions

Price: £225

Ideal for anyone wanting to focus in on deeper issues, belief change, blocks.

5 x 90 minute

5 Sessions

Price: £375

Ideal for someone who wants to improve their life, make changes and achieve goals.

2 x 60 minute

Past Life Regression

Price: £150

Ideal for anyone wanting to unlock the wisdom of their past life to benefit this one.

3 x 60 minute


Price: £225

Hypnosis is used to get you to a deep healing state for the receiving of Reiki.

1 x 60 minute (Thursday only)

Low Income

Price: £30

If you are on a low wage, or unemployed I offer 3 sessions on a Thursday at a reduced rate.



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