Welcome to the Hypno Temple

There are a lot of misconceptions about hypnosis. 


The Hypno Temple is designed to be an experiential, educational transformational attraction for events, festivals and fund days.

People can:


Experience & watch hypnosis

Learn How to Hypnotise

Discuss Hypnosis

Enjoy fun workshops

Receive hypnotherapy and guidance.

Hiring the Hypno Temple for your Event

Option 1

Free to events attendees

You pay


£150 = 1 day + travel

£250 = 2 day + travel

£300 = 3 day + travel

All activities, experiences & workshops are free to all attending your event.

Option 2

Donation based

You pay

£50 per day

All activities experiences & workshops are run on a donation basis. Event attendees pay a non defined donation.

To discuss your event contact Rob Today

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