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Personal Growth Hub

Your personal growth and development is at the heart of what drives me.
From live workshops, pre-recorded and the ever growing IMeditate Club/ There are many ways you can access great developmental resources.


Welcome to The Soulcraft Institute, where I'm dedicated to guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. I believe in your ability to shape your destiny and make your dreams come true.


Explore our workshops, courses and retreats, designed to unlock your potential and bring your aspirations to life. As the sole instructor, I'm committed to empowering you with techniques for success and providing a nurturing environment for growth.


The core belief here is that everyone can lead a fulfilling life, and I invite you to join me in discovering your potential and living authentically. Your journey starts today at The Soulcraft Institute.

The IMeditate Club


Welcome to IMeditate, your go-to personal development resource. Discover a world of benefits to support your personal development, and help foster personal growth. Join our club to embark on a transformative journey, and unlock the full potential of your mind. With IMeditate, you'll find the tools and guidance you need to achieve inner peace and personal development, all at your fingertips

Membership Includes


Weekly Online Workshop


Over 100 meditations to explore


Learning Forum



Free Access to ALL online Live Workshops and courses


Growing Workshops Library


Hypnosis Audio Library

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Rob Chapman is wonderful!!

He really is one of the best hypnotists who I've been hypnotised by!

I love Rob's sessions 😍

He has helped me probably more than he realises!

2x English Kick Boxing Champion & Hypnotherapist

Jessica Fleischer

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