Quit Smoking

3 part online program

Breath is life, is energy is your awareness. Stop breathing and your time is short.

I want you to breathe easy. Smoking whether it is tobacco or vapes continues to show us that damage is being done to your lungs that can lead to life changing consequences further down the line, you may even be feeling it now.

With the Breathe Easy smoking cessation you can stop smoking easily and effortlessly with no side effects and start to feel the benefit of being a new you, habit free.

More Details

SESSION 1 - is about introducing you to the hypnotic process and breaking the limiting beliefs that have kept you a smoker

SESSION 2 - is about working with the drives behind your being a smoker and giving that part of you that is a smoker a choice.

SESSION 3 - Re-enforces the new non smoking you and builds upon your success.

Purchase your Breathe Easy program today and I will be in touch to arrange your first session.

£180 / $210

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