When we awaken to our inner wisdom we start to discover new ways of living, facing life's challenges with a new creative ability to grow and adapt.  

Living in t his new awareness ca bring a greater sense of purpose and peace to our lives.  We can start to uncover answers to some of the bigger questions in life, healing ourselves ad helping others heal.

Awakening is a three part program, designed to assist you in your own awakening and journey to spiritual knowledge and self realisation.

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P1: Discovering your Inner Mentor - when life is difficult and we are not sure which way to go it can really useful to be able to asks someone for assistance. Connecting to your inner Mentor will give you access to knowledge, guidance and inspiration to help you upon your personal and spiritual journey through life.

P2: Awakening the Healer - we all have the ability to heal ourselves and others. During this section you will connect to your ability to heal through your hands, as a conduit for energy. This same energy can help you in your personal and spiritual growth, as well as friends, family and pets.

P3:  Highest Self - how do you see your highest self. It maybe you see it as your highest state of consciousness, it maybe that you see this as some form of universal consciousness, or maybe if I said to you what was your highest expression of self you may say God.However you perceive your highest self in this session we discover the big question you wish to ask and through Higher State Hypnosis connect you with that highest self to gain insight and guidance to transform your life.

Do you feel that there is more to life?

Wondering what your true purpose if?

Do you wish to awaken to the healer with in?


Then book yourself onto this life changing program today. Your investment in yourself is just £180 / $210

Once you have booked I will contact you to arrange your sessions.


I want to start my Awakening

It is easy to book your appointment online.

You are just a few steps from booking your appointment. Follow these steps to book your appointment once completed I will send you the appropriate links for your online session.

1. Click the button below.Scroll through the choices below and select the session. program. block booking that you require.

2. Look for the availability that suits you (if there is nothing there contact me in some cases I will make extra appointments.)

Once you have the time you require select it by clicking.

3. Fill in your details and pay for your appointment.

Once completed I will send you your invitation to your online appointment.

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