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I help people who actively want to transform their lives, overcome obstacles, develop self belief and live the life they want and deserve.

Your Session with Rob

All sessions are conducted online via zoom.

A session lasts 90 mins.

Friendly, Non-Judgemental, Effective.

Find a time that works for you and

Your 1st Session

During your first session we will focus upon why you have come to me for help, the changes you want to make. We will also explore some of the techniques that we will utilise to help create the long lasting change that will lead to the life you want.

Hello, I'm Rob

Mednosis Coach, Teacher, Author.

My life so far has taught me one thing, you are amazing! People are amazing! You have within you all the resources, skills and abilities that you need to live the life you want to love, to make powerful changes that lead to happiness and fulfilment.

So I can say without doubt.

"I Believe in YOU!"

This single belief has led to me exploring amazing world of hypnosis, counselling meditation, personal growth and spirituality.

Helping others make powerful changes upon their life journey is my passion. I believe in the innate power that we all have to transform our inner worlds, becoming more than we are yet.

Re-Route your life Map

There has never been a better time for you to embrace this opportunity for personal growth and change.

The story you tell yourself about your life, who you are and what you do can be re-written.

One of the great things about the approach that I use is I do not have to go raking through your past, uncovering pain to get results. In a lot of cases I do not need to know the details.


In fact, quite often you do not need to either. A lot of the people I work with know they are stuck, know there is something holding them back but do not know what, or why.

My Approach

I have a client centred approach which means I believe that you have all the resources that you need to make the changes that you want, and to create the life you wish to live.

My attitude is non judgemental, forward focusing and positive.

I have trained within:

Hypnosis/ Hypnotherapy

Spiritual Coaching


Person centred Counselling


Reiki/ Munai Ki/ Shamanism

and Celtic spirituality as well as a life long study and exploration of spiritual philosophies and practices.

I have developed an approach to personal change and development that I call Mednosis. It teaches you to access and use the vast power of your unconscious mind to create lasting change in your life.

If there is something about my approach which resonates with you, you want to transform your life and are motivated then get in touch and book your first appointment today.

Workshops & Training

Online and real world workshops, courses and training. Learning made fun and easy, delivered with knowledge and passion.


Highly recommended.


In March 2020 I decided that I wanted to teach 1,000,000 people to meditate.


IMeditate was born.

Free live and pre-recorded online meditation sessions and classes. For total beginners through to those who with more experience.


Join IMeditate 


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Please feel free to ask any questions below

Face to face appointments held at 


48-52 Ennerdale Road, Shrewsbury SY1 3LD

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International Calls +44-780-0799578

WhatsApp: 07800799578

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